Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Kasur incident a matter of conscience, not of land: Ilahi


Addressing media and affected masses during his visit to the village Hussain Khan Wala, Pervez Ilahi said the Kasur child abuse scandal is a humanitarian issue, which has resulted in defamation of Pakistan in the world.

He said the stain can be removed by bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The PMLQ leader slammed Shahbaz Sharif saying had there been even slightest conscience left of him, he would not have restored Rana Sanaullah as provincial law minister.

Pervez Ilahi also blasted Sanaullah for labeling the Kasur scandal as a land dispute and reminded him, “This is a matter of conscience, not of land”.

He vowed his party will stand by the victims and will raise voice for them at every forum until they are not served justice.

Ilahi later met victims of Kasur child abuse scandal and their parents.


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