Friday, February 3, 2023

Kazakhstan villagers remained asleep for days due to mysterious reasons


A village in Kazakhstan named Kalachi was dubbed “Sleep Hollow” after its residents kept sleeping for several days.

The natives of the Kalachi village not only experienced weird sleeping patterns but also had increasing hallucinations. This problem was not just limited to adults. The children were seeing winged horses and snakes while sleeping as well.

According to statistics, approximately 160 people underwent traumatic experiences from 2012 to 2015. It was reported back in 2014 by a foreign news agency as well.

It had mentioned that an ill person may look conscious and walking around before going to prolonged sleep.

After waking up, they would not be able to recall anything that happened to them.

There are a lot of theories and speculation about the problem which included toxic water to alcohol use.

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This prompted authorities to look into the issue and the government cited an increase in the toxic levels of monoxide in the water as its reason. It was later revealed that the content was 10 times higher.

However, the government’s analysis was questioned by many researchers.

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Byron Crape, a professor from the Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, has theorized that unused uranium let off chemicals that found their way into the underground water pump.

As of this moment, the situation seemed to be under control as no medical abnormalities are reported in the village where 120 families are living.


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