Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Furqan Qureshi opens up about playing an intersex in ‘Khuda Mera Bhi Hai’


‘Khuda Mera Bhi Hai’ , the play which is creating waves for raising the most pertinent issues about the treatment of intersex people- from their birth to their struggles in life- is a hit with the fans an critics alike.

The ARY Digital play has everyone in awe not only for raising the issue but also due to some great acting performances by the lead actors Ayesha Khan, Jibran Syed and Furqan Qureshi.

Yes, Furqan Qureshi, who is probably playing the toughest character in the play and has chosen to take up the role many would simply refuse, is earning a lot of praise for his performance and courage for playing an intersex in the play, opened up about accepting the offer and what he learnt from playing the role.

Qureshi appeared in ARY Zindagi’s ‘Breaking Weekend’ show and answered the question in a no holds-barred interview with host Fiza Shoaib.


FS: How did you accept the offer to play the character? (AT 1:31 in the video above)

Furqan Qureshi: Actually, I was reluctant at first, as you know I didn’t want to be stereotyped and I have created a repertoire of an angry young man but when they (the makers of the play) insisted, I accepted the offer but set some conditions like I will not dress or walk like a woman but Humayun Saeed (the maker) objected that if you won’t do anything, how would people know, you have a problem so I chose to speak like a woman (or intersex).

FS: How much you felt about the issues transgender or intersex community is facing?

I was at first not interested in the topic but when I did the character I felt that this is a real issue like they can’t get an identity card, they can’t get admission into schools. There are examples of people who are not straight have made a life for themselves. If they were born in Pakistan, they would have been dancing somewhere. (at 31:03 in the video above)



FS:  What about your co-actors like Ayesha Khan?  (at 4:20 in the video above).

Furqan Qureshi: I had heard about her and her exceptional acting skills but when she performed in front of me I knew she is awesome.  In one of the scenes, the camera was on me but she was crying, she could only read the lines but she was actually crying. She had a panic attack when my character came up wearing a dupatta. 



Answering fan’s questions, Qureshi maintained that some actors or social media celebrities do a lot of funny things just to stay in the news and such people are attention seekers.

“What are these Nasir Khan Jan and others, that Waseem guy who does ads, as they say in English sublime with ridiculous, like you say or do such a funny thing that everyone notices, it is their claim to fame,” said Qureshi. (at 26:00 in the video above).


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