Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Kid falls into stagnant sewage while going to school in Karachi


KARACHI: A minor boy fell into a pool of stagnant sewage while going to school in Karachi’s Bhains Colony, ARY News reported.

The minor was reportedly going to school when he fell into wastewater accumulated on the street outside his home. However, he was rescued by a passer-by.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media. The kid can be seen stuck in the stagnant sewage as a woman comes to his rescue. She tries hard to pull him out but to no avail. Then a man steps in and grabs the child’s arm, yanking him out of the wastewater.

Last year in May, two children had drowned in a pond in Surjani Town area of Karachi. The incident occurred in village Hassan Brohi in Taiser Town, Surjani, where two children identified as Bahadur, 6-year-old and Gul Hassan, 8, fell into the pond and drowned.

The bodies of both the children were retrieved and were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.


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