Sunday, June 26, 2022

Komal Aziz Khan reveals ‘her first crush’


Popular actors of the showbiz industry – Komal Aziz Khan and Adeel Chaudhry appeared in ARY Digital’s ‘Shan e Suhoor’, where the former spilled the beans on her first crush.

Responding to a question by host Nida Yasir in ‘Shan e Suhoor’, actor Komal Aziz revealed that she had a crush on a schoolmate. “There was a guy in my school who used to fight a lot and was like a don, I really liked him at that time,” she answered.

Speaking further about ‘one habit that Komal would like to change in herself’, she elaborated, “I was really short-tempered earlier but now I’ve moved to the contrary end and am usually very calm.”

Interrupting the fellow actor, Adeel remarked that ‘Komal keeps it to herself now for a time and vents out a month later’.

“I’ve suffered great losses due to my low temper so now I try to stay calm and polite with my employees, who have started to misbehave now,” the ‘Zard Zamano Ka Sawera’ actor reacted. “I have to find a middle ground now, and have to be strict when required.”

Recalling a funny theft incident at his home, fellow guest Adeel Chaudhry stated, “When I moved to Karachi initially, a thief broke into the house but couldn’t find anything useful.”


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“There were only clothes which he tried but couldn’t fit into so the thief just took some fruits and milk from the fridge and left,” he narrated further.

“He should have left some money on the table for me instead to get the necessities,” the ‘Faryaad’ actor quipped.


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