Wednesday, August 10, 2022

LinkedIn user shares fake post about meeting Jeff Bezos, netizens believed it


Alexander Cohen, who is the director of Product at the San Francisco-based healthcare company Carbon Health, sent LinkedIn into a satirical meltdown with his post.

Taking a dig at the motivational posts that circulate on a daily basis on LinkedIn, Alexander shared a post where he made up a tale about meeting American billionaire Jeff Bezos at Starbucks.

He narrated the story of how he went to get iced lattes and cold brews for his team as his way of thanking them for working on a weekend and eventually paid for a car behind him that turned out to be of Jeff Bezos.

Alexander further wrote about how upon meeting Bezos, he forgot all about his team and ended up chatting with the businessman for the next two hours. One thing led to another and now he is apparently all set to join Bezos for his next trip to space — all expenses covered by the former Amazon boss himself.

However, LinkedIn perhaps was not ready for Alexandar’s satire and actually believed this entire narrative to be true.

Alexandar shared a tweet thread on Sunday where he shared a good laugh over the remarks and the comments he received on LinkedIn.

A comment read, “Congratulations to you, I would rather pay forward to a homeless guy at the end of the street than the guy waiting for Starbucks in an Escalade,” while another comment read, “That’s wild. Thanks for putting some kindness into the world.

He even mentioned how he’s getting several more follow requests and how over 560 people from Amazon have already checked out his post.

Alexander also shared the screenshot of the comments on his Twitter profile and wrote, “LinkedIn is just the gift that keeps on giving”.


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