Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Man divorces wife for being an ex-smoker


Riyadh: A Saudi man reportedly divorced his wife after finding out that she used to be a smoker, Gulf News reported.

The man says he feared she might resume smoking; takes back dowry.

According to details, the Saudi citizen, last week, told his lawyer that he wants to divorce his wife. He decided to take that step because he feared his wife could start smoking again, Gulf News reported.

The lawyer said that the wife had told his husband that she used to be a smoker but had abandoned the habit after her marriage.

The man claims that he does not have that his wife will not start smoking again, and her doing so might damage his social standing.

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The man decided to file a divorce because he despises women who smoke.

The court accepted the man’s application for divorce and ordered the separation of the couple.

It is to be noted that divorce rates in Saudi Arabia have been on a rise in the past few years. According to the General Authority of Statistics Saudi Arabia, seven divorces are recorded every hour in the KSA.

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