Thursday, February 2, 2023

WATCH: Man flaunts gun to look ‘cool’ in Instagram video, gets arrested


Sometimes trying to do things for social media you think are cool and entertaining, can land you into hot waters. 

In one such incident, an Instagrammer who was flaunting a gun and some cash in order to get some attention on social media got promptly arrested by the police.

The man wearing a red cap walks towards his friend’s car can be seen in the video shared on Instagram and Reddit

As he comes close to his friend, he pulls out a gun and points it straight to the camera. He then takes out a bunch of cash from his pocket throws a few notes on the floor.


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The last few seconds of the video show the man raising his hands and walking backward towards police officers who proceed to handcuff him. It is unknown who flagged the incident to the police. But some Reddit users pointed out the incident took place in Canada.

The video posted on Instagram by @saycheesetv has now garnered over 4 lakh views.

“This is old and happened in Canada a while ago. Gun was not real and a prop for some rap video or something,” one user claimed.

Most users said it was stupid of the man to show off his gun and money on a public video.


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