Thursday, August 11, 2022

Man rides a giant crocodile like a surfboard, photo goes viral


In a terrifying incident, a man was spotted riding a monster crocodile like a surfboard in a river in Australia.

In a photo that went viral on social media, a man can be seen standing on top of the crocodile which appears to be partially submerged in shallow waters.

After being shared on Reddit, the photo went viral but later it was deleted as it sparked outrage from the users. Most users were critical of the man’s actions and expressed concerns about the reptile’s safety. Interestingly, there were many users who actually supported the man’s stunt.

A user wrote, “Glad he was wearing hi vis…you know for safety.”

“He’s doing the right thing, wearing the correct hi vis shirt, bent knees, he clearly knows his rope and he’s doing the job with another mate. Any safety manager would be proud at this point,” wrote another.


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