Monday, October 3, 2022

Man spent 20 years in jail before identical twin brother confessed to crime


A man, who spent 20 years behind bars after being wrongfully convicted in the United States, was released after his identical twin brother confessed to having committed the crime.

A foreign news agency reported that the 44-year-old Kevin Dugar was imprisoned for his link to a shooting incident back in 2003.

He was released from Cook County jail in Chicago after he was proved innocent.

The tables then turned back in his twin Karl Smith admitted to being responsible and impersonating his brother as well.

He informed the court of acting like each other in their childhood days.

Karl Smith had even written a letter to Kevin Dugar regarding the incident. He said that he couldn’t muster the courage to admit his crime.

“I’m the one who shot and killed those two Black Stones on Sheridan that night,” he stated as quoted in the report. “The reason I didn’t say [expletive] at the time was that I didn’t and couldn’t find the strength to do so at the time.”

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Kevin Dugar got emotional after he was released from Cook County jail. His lawyer Ronald Safer confirmed his client had reunited with his close ones.

“The judge granted his release pending trial on a signature bond and he walked out into the open air and breathed his first breaths as a free man in almost 20 years,” the lawyer told the media.

As far as Karl Smith is concerned, he will spend 99 years in prison.


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