Sunday, September 19, 2021

Man wins $1 million in lottery, gives almost everything away to friends, family


An Australian man who won almost $1 million (Rs 7.36 cr) in a lottery decided to give away all his winnings to his family, close friends, and struggling strangers.

Peter Charleton took home $896,511 (Rs 6.6 crore) after winning the TattsLotto in 2020. The 47-year-old had purchased the winning ticket from a store in Victoria, Australia.

But unlike other lottery players who buy tickets for their own monetary gains, Peter’s reason was quite a surreal one.

The story of his changing fortune began when he accidentally left his late uncle’s favourtite pocket knife on top of his car while driving for an hour to his home. When he reached home, he noticed the knife was still on top of the car by the means of some miracle.

It was at that moment that Peter decided to try his luck by purchasing a lottery ticket. One of the three tickets he had purchased turned out to be the winner in the TattsLotto.

In an interview with My Big Story, Peter said he checked the winning numbers on the TattsLotto app but didn’t believe it at first. So, he uninstalled and redownloaded the app again for a double-check. The numbers remained the same.

Peter said he soon decided not to keep all the money for himself and wanted to give it away to friends and family. And he did exactly that because he was not comfortable with so much money in his bank account.

That’s not all that he did. He even messages people on Facebook to ask for their bank details so he could transfer them some funds.

The only cash he kept for himself was to pay off his mortgage and buy a second-hand car

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