Sunday, February 5, 2023

Will you try this mango ice cream dish with cheese in it?


A video on social media has gone viral which shows a vendor in India making a mango ice cream dish with sweet and sour sauce along with cheese in it.

There are many debates which it comes to food such as pineapple should be used on a pizza as well.

However, this has escalated to a whole new level.

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The seller has made ice cream lovers cringe with this rare combination of items.

The clip, shows Ice cream which is one of the most devoured desserts in the world, is caused a stir on Twitter.

Netizens made some hilarious comments on it and taunted the seller for coming up with the dish. Some have also made sarcastic comments on how the dish can take a toll on the consumer’s health.

The video has at least 180,100 views on Twitter. There are 338 retweets, 684 quote tweets and 1,236 likes and counting.

A man in Islamabad came up with a bizarre food combination: biryani garnished with strawberries.

The man named Saad cooked biryani in a large pot and placed a few strawberries as the topmost layer for the rice dish.


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