Meet Razan Yasin, a young self-taught SFX artist who is making waves in the industry

Razan Yasin is a young self-taught special effects makeup artist who learned this unique art with youtube videos being her only guide.

While talking to ARY, Razan said, “My interest towards SFX starts after watching action movies. Later I saw a tutorial video on Instagram and tried it at home”.

Razan recently worked with well-known actor and host Fahad Mustafa and Young Stunners on a project which she considers as her biggest achievement.

“Working with stars like Fahad Mustafa and Young Stunners is one of my biggest achievement, I feel so proud that my skill has taken me to that level,” she said.

Talking about family support, the young artist said that her family is very supportive specially her mother, who not only helps her but also give new ideas.

Most material used in SFX is expensive as it is not manufactured in Pakistan, so instead, she has started making it at home.