Thursday, March 23, 2023

VIDEO: Mexican navy helicopter crash-lands on Hurricane Grace mission


In a terrifying moment, a Mexican navy helicopter made a crash landing on some vehicles while it was transporting aid for victims of Hurricane Grace. A video has now gone viral.

The moment caught on camera by a eyewitness shows the helicopter hovering over the field preparing to land. However, while attempting to land, it soon was seen losing control and spiraling into a nearby clearing, hitting a van and an SUV. After the crash, the helicopter’s tail rotor and the blades are seen getting destroyed in the impact, sending pieces of it flying in every direction.

Luckily, no major accident was reported except for a few passengers getting injured. A group of bystanders immediately rushed to the crash site to help the passengers out.

The chopper with 20 people on board collapsed in the town of Agua Blanca, in the central state of Hidalgo. Through his Twitter account, the governor of Veracruz confirmed that the Secretary of State Government Eric Cisneros was travelling in this helicopter when the chopper experienced some mechanical issues.

According to the local media, security and emergency forces arrived at the scene shortly after to tend to the injured, including Cisneros.

According to La Jornada, passengers hurt in the accident were rushed to the Regional Hospital of Metepec, Hidalgo, but a specific number was unavailable.


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