Saturday, July 2, 2022

Microsoft is adding teams chat to windows 11 preview


Windows 11 previews have rolled out on Windows Insider for a while now. The latest preview is adding support for Microsoft Teams Chat. You can send and receive messages from any of your devices via DMs, SMS or Emails and you can send them to people who don’t have Teams installed.

The new Teams chat icon will be placed on the Taskbar, giving you a context sensitive window that expands into a full experience if you press the “Open Microsoft Teams” button.

Windows 11 will sync your Skype and Outlook contacts on its own, but the jury is still out on whether your old Skype conversations will be shown. You can chat with someone using a phone number or an email id. You can also add people to group chats using shared links. Video and Audio call functionality will be coming at a later date.

Your chats sync automatically between Windows 11, the iOS app and the Android app. It works between Linux and macOS too. As with all other widgets, the new chat icon will be placed prominently on the taskbar, giving you easy access to set up and start chats quickly.

Microsoft will be updating the preview with more features like video and audio calls, presence and status, screen sharing, offline mode and more.


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