Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Miscreants snatch govt weapon from on duty policeman


KARACHI: Unknown miscreants snatched sub-machine gun from a policeman and fled from the scene, citing police sources ARY News reported on Thursday.

According to the FIR filed at police station, the accused snatched SMG with 30 rounds in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, from an on duty policeman.

“Policeman Javed after security duty at a bank went to Soomar Goth, when some accused beaten him and snatched government weapon from him,” according to police sources.

The police constable was also injured during the snatching incident, the police report said. The case has been registered with the government as complainant.

SSP Malir Irfan Bahadur has expressed resentment over the arm snatching incident with policeman.

An inquiry has been initiated to probe, why the policeman went to Soomar Goth during his duty hours.

Time and again incidents of weapon snatching from police personnel reported in the metropolis while the department remains clueless in tracing and arresting the culprits.

The Law Enforcing Agency which is delegated with both responsibilities, protecting the citizens and probing the crime, mostly fails to trace where the snatched arms gone or who has been involved in the snatching events for that matter.

From April 2019 till October last year 14 such incidents reported in which police personnel were deprived of their weapons while on duty.


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