Thursday, June 30, 2022

Mohsin Baig nabbed after remarks against PM Imran Khan in TV show


ISLAMABAD: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested Mohsin Baig on the complaint of the government against a discussion during a television channel’s show involving Prime Minister Imran Khan, ARY NEWS reported.

Mohsin Baiq is blamed for initiating a debate on a television show with obscene references towards Prime Minister Imran Khan and a federal minister.

The government after the program launched a complaint with the FIA that acted promptly and arrested Baig for his primary role in the entire debate.

According to details, a policeman has also been injured during the FIA raid to arrest Baig after the latter resisted the bid and hit one of the cops with his gun.

The raid continued for an hour owing to resistance and the accused could be seen carrying the arm at the time of his arrest. He has been shifted to a police station while the police have also sent a team to arrest his son.

Meanwhile, the court has appointed a bailiff after Mohsin Baig’s counsel approached an Islamabad court against his arrest. The bailiff has been directed to submit a report regarding the arrest today.

Furthermore, the police have registered an FIR against Mohsin Baig under terrorism, attempt to murder and other serious offences at Margalla police station.

The police also provided the court bailiff regarding the details of cases against the suspect as the latter submitted the details before the court.


It is pertinent to mention here that PEMRA has also issued a show-cause notice to the television channel for airing obscene remarks against Prime Minister Imran Khan and a federal minister.

Condemnations have poured on social media after the obscene remarks of Mohsin Baig were aired during a primetime show on a television channel.


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