Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Money Heist: Another character joining the Professor’s gang?


A Twitter user predicted that a major character will be joining the Professor’s gang in part five and volume one of Money Heist.

The picture, designed by a Twitter user, shows Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) standing in front of people wearing red clothes and holding a Salvador Dali mask, the same as the protagonists wear during the heist at the Royal Bank of Spain.

It is to be noted that every member of the gang in the Netflix thriller is named after a city. The fan has speculated that she will be called Madrid.

However, the fans had already speculated that Sierra, who was the negotiator during the heist till her removal, will join the gang after the events that took place in the fourth and fifth parts of the thriller show.

The character continues to remain a mystery as the writers have still not fully disclosed her role in the show at this moment.

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The finale of the fifth season saw protagonist Tokyo dying heroically as the gang continues to fight the Spanish military.

However, some fans are still speculating she might be alive as she is narrating the story.

With the Professor’s gang cornered, it remains to be seen how Money Heist comes to an end, with the part five and volume one getting aired on the OTT on December 3.


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