Saturday, March 25, 2023

‘Money Heist’ plot hole or plot twist?


As fans of the smash-shit show ‘Money Heist’ gear up for its fifth season, there may be more for them to uncover and unravel than just the heist itself.

Fans have long speculated about potential plot lines that may or may not materialize, and one such seemingly popular theory involves Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri). How true is it, and what are the changes of it actually becoming canon?

Since Sierra first burst onto the ‘Heist’ scene in season three, many have hinted at what may be a strong connection between Berlin and her – the obvious being her resemblance to Berlin’s ex-wife Tatiana (Diana Gomez) who appears in flashbacks in season three, which may or may not just be coincidental after all.

Money Heist

Many also feel that even if they may not be the same person, they may as well be related to some extent.

Sierra’s emotional speech in season four has also become a big reason for fans to facilitate their theory – many believe her ‘late ex-husband’ sounded a lot like Berlin! And there’s an interesting lead for that too; he was called German, which may be an obvious allude to Berlin? Even if you don’t believe the theory, this one’s got to get you.

However, while these may seem to support a ‘plot twist’ narrative, there’s also good reason for it to culminate in a gaping plot hole for the series.

For this theory to be canon, Berlin would’ve had to survive his season two shootout. Not just that, but viewers have also pointed out how the Professor (Alvaro Morte) and Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) would’ve known of any such close connection.

Not to mention, Sierra mentions that Lisbon knew her ex-husband, and if this were true, she would’ve pointed it out.

So, as interesting as the theory may be, chances of it actually substantiating are quite minimal and if you’re holding out for it, you may want to pack it up.

On the brighter side, the wait for season five to resolve all confusions and plot lines isn’t that long anymore!


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