Friday, August 12, 2022

Video of moose showing soccer skills goes viral


A video of a moose playing soccer in Alaska has gone viral on social media that has left the netizens applauding. The bizarre incident occurred when a group of teenagers were playing soccer in Homer, Alaska.

The moose made an unexpected entry into the ground and started dribbling the ball around. The witnesses were amazed at the skills of the animal.

It happened when a group of teenagers was playing a friendly soccer game on the field when a moose invaded the pitch out of nowhere and managed to get hold of the ball.

A video of the incident shows the animal bouncing the ball a few times between its hooves before aiming a 20-yard kick towards the goal.

The teenagers were so impressed with the moose, they offered to involve it in their game.

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“This moose wandered onto a football field in Homer and decided to join in on the Homer Mariners’ pickup soccer game, even attempting a shot at the goal! According to Brent Escolta, who recorded this very Alaskan moment, the moose walked toward the players, approached the soccer ball, and started to play with it,” Anchorage Daily News wrote on Instagram.


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