Thursday, October 6, 2022

WATCH: Mother buffalo single-handedly fights off lions to save her calf


In an incredible incident, a mother buffalo single-handedly fought off a pack of lions to protect her calf in a jangle.    

The heart-breaking video of the incident shows a mother buffalo is walking with her calf when a pride of lions suddenly approaches from behind. As the buffalo and its child are surrounded by the lions, the brave buffalo faces them all alone to save her calf.

Meanwhile, one of the lionesses manages to take away her calf but the buffalo risks her life, chases the predator and rescues her calf from the jaws of the lioness.

The video went viral on social media since being shared on Twitter and has garnered more than 28,000 views and got more than 500 re-tweets.

People are touched by the mother buffalo’s courage with many calling a mother the ‘only omnipresent protector.’ One user wrote, ”No comparison to the love and strength of a mother.”


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