Sunday, December 5, 2021

WATCH: Mother elephant kills crocodile to protect calf


Elephants are known to be peaceful animals, but they can turn violent when it comes to protecting their offspring. One such incident was captured on the camera, showing an unlucky crocodile underneath the feet of an angry mother elephant after it stalked her calf in the shallows of a river in Zambia.

WARNING: Video not for sensitive viewers


The video shot by Hans Henrik Haar while on a safari in Zambia has gone viral on social media.

“Crocodiles are opportunistic hunters and have been known to prey on baby elephants. This mother elephant was not taking any chances and was not happy with the crocodile being so close to her young calf –to protect her calf, she removed the threat of the crocodile entirely,” the caption of the video read.

The video shows the mother elephant using trunk and head to push the reptile and soon the mama elephant gets aggressive as she tramples the reptile under her weight.

Since the elephant didn’t have tusks, she used her mouth for most of the attack. The elephant wrapped her trunk around the crocodile’s tail and tossed it around while trampling it.

The continuous crushing by the elephant resulted in the crocodile’s death.

The video of mama elephant’s heroic save has gone viral on social media, garnering more than 400,000 views. The users took to the comments section to praise the act and share their thoughts on the clip.

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