Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Treasure found in sealed chamber of Multan court compound


MULTAN: A closed chamber of the court compound in Multan is reportedly keeping a secret treasure including gold coins and precious antique items, ARY News reported on Friday.

According to sources, the treasure was found when workers were excavating the compound for construction of the new court building.

The administration was trying to keep a lid of secrecy over the report about the treasure hidden in the ancient chamber.

The room in the court compound said to be closed for last 80 years.

According to sources, the treasure included gold coins, large quantity of gold and antique arms from the British colonial period.

“A committee including representatives of different government departments will oversee the matter to recover the treasure,” sources said.

“The committee will supervise the excavation and monitor the items of the purported treasure found in the chamber,” according to sources.

Multan has been an ancient city, among some of the oldest towns in South Asia, and having several earlier stories of ancients treasures hidden at some secret place.


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