Saturday, October 1, 2022

Murree tourists should know about new restriction!


RAWALPINDI: After tourists thronged Murree during the holidays, the district administration has blocked the entry of the people who have not gotten hotel bookings, ARY News reported on Sunday.

A large number of tourists entered Murree to spend their holidays which led the district administration to take strict measures to avoid any untoward situation.

The spokesperson of the Murree administration said in a statement that the entry of tourists having no hotel bookings was banned. The tourists without hotel bookings were being returned from the ‘17 Mile’ toll plaza.

The spokesperson added that traffic flow was being affected due to the entrance of a large number of tourists and a strict decision was taken to maintain the flow of traffic.

CPO Syed Shehzad Nadeem took notice of the traffic blockades in Murree and directed concerned officials to improve the traffic flow.

In another development, Kuldana-Nathia Gali Road was closed for regular traffic despite the clearance of Barhaan route. The tourists were facing extreme difficulties to travel along the road, whereas, the local police were seen helpless before the hotel owners.

In January this year, at least 22 tourists who were stranded in their vehicles due to heavy snowfall died of the extreme weather in Murree.

The horrific accident had taken place after more than 100,000 vehicles entered Murree for three days despite thousands of vehicles managed to exit the hill station.


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