Monday, September 26, 2022

Mushk Kaleem’s post about restrictions goes viral


Supermodel Mushk Kaleem revealed her mother did not allow her to wear a saree as she thought it was only for married women.

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Mushk Kaleem shared a throwback picture from 2010 in which she was wearing a saree. The celebrity stated she used to have arguments over not being allowed to wear the attire.


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“I wasn’t allowed to wear saaris. Never wore them to any of my farewells. My mum said saaris were only for married women,” the supermodel wrote. “It’s something I would argue about so much, because I would always feel like a fish out of water at these events, all my friends in their gorgeous colourful saaris- and then me, not following the dress code, feeling miserable, so much so, I wouldn’t even get photos taken.”

She added she would not discuss anything about the preparation of her farewell events as it would not excite her. 

“I guess it wasn’t that I wanted to wear a saari, it’s that I just wanted to avoid feeling like I didn’t belong.”

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Mushk Ali is one of the most prolific models in the country and has walked the ramp in celebrated fashion shows. She won the ‘Best Model Female’ title at ARY People’s Choice Awards last year.

She is an entrepreneur and runs her brand of luxury scented candles too.


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