Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Mutant calf born with six legs becomes farm tourist attraction


A mutant calf born with six legs growing from its stomach has stunned farmers in southern China’s Chongqing City.

The animal was reportedly a healthy 15 kg when it was born and appears to still be doing well, despite struggling to move with its extra limbs.

The video supposedly taken on March 10 shows the calf with two extra legs and one extra bottom growing from its stomach area.

The unnamed cow has now reportedly become some what of a tourist attraction in the town, with locals flocking to snap photos with the animal.

It is not the first Chinese bovine to born with more than the standard four legs. In 2014 a six-legged cow was born in Shandong leaving the farmer swamped by TV crews .

The calf arrived with two extra limbs protruding from her neck.

Farmer Zhang Gongxun said at the time: “I’ve raised the mother for five years and seen her through four births and I’ve never seen anything like this before.

“The extra legs don’t seem to bother or hurt her but she can’t move them or use them.

“Everyone seems to want to see her though since a friend put some pictures of her on the internet.

“I get crowds of people here every day and all kinds of camera crews from TV stations.”

For every 100,000 cattle born worldwide around four have extra limbs, according to a 2002 study. The condition is known as Polymelia and is believed to be a genetic mutation.


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