Friday, May 27, 2022

Neha Kakkar recreates ‘Tera Ghata’ and her fans can’t stop talking about Kohli


Gajendra Verma’s ‘Tera Ghata’ was perhaps the most popular track of the year 2018 with people grooving to the catchy lyrics.

One the reasons the song became so popular was some social media pages took the lyrics to make some hilarious memes but one can say that it was just one of the reasons for the Verma’s song was melodious enough to attract more fans.

The Youtube video of the song today has more than 220 million views making both Verma and the model Karishma Sharma stars in their own domains.

The song’s popularity, catchy lyrics and tone prompted singer Neha Kakkar to record her own version of the song.

Here it is

Though her fans and some of Verma’s fans too loved the cover but some of them think this is for Himansh Kohli, her ex-boyfriend.

Late last year, after the breakup with TV actor, the singer had shared a rather heartbreaking note on her Instagram story, saying how unhappy she was. She had written that while as a celebrity, she is expected to smile always, but in her personal life, she was unhappy (then) and couldn’t control not being a normal self at that moment.

Just a few months back, the couple appeared on an Indian reality show which Neha was judging and expressed their love and desire to get married to each other.

Whatever, Neha’s take on ‘Tera Ghata‘ is refreshing and if you have missed it, do take a look at how she recreated the ‘Zufra’ moment from Jeeto Pakistan.


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