Thursday, August 11, 2022

New features and upgrades of WWE 2K22 revealed


2K Games has revealed an early look at the new features and upgrades of its annual wrestling franchise, ‘WWE 2K22’ dubbed ‘WWE 2K Hit List’ ahead of its launch in March 2022.

WWE 2K22 is currently scheduled for release in March next year, whereas, more updates are likely to be unveiled in January.

MyGM mode

The newest addition to the franchise is MyGM mode that is essentially a manager mode for WWE 2K22, where players get to decide what happens during the show.

It will enable to draft wrestlers, book matches, manage contracts, and create new storylines to keep the in-game audience entertained.


Players will be allowed to create their own legendary teams within the larger WWE roster through the MyFACTION mode as they partake in weekly events to upgrade their superstars.

It will also feature franchise-first cosmetic items that can be purchased for offline play.

MyRISE mode

Players will experience the complete journey of a WWE Superstar, right from their humble beginnings as a rookie, followed by the mass following, and their immortalisation as a Legend. New storylines will be available for both male and female characters that you’ve created.

More realistic graphics

The graphics in WWE 2K22 look more realistic than ever, with more emphasis on sweat, wrinkles, dynamic camera angles, and overall better lighting.

wwe 2k22 new features upgrades innovations

The team at Visual Concepts have used the same industry-leading process as the NBA 2K franchise to scan and animate the wrestlers, based on their real-life counterpart.

Showcase mode

There will be a new Showcase mode where players can relive a legendary wrestler’s most iconic matches and moments.

In addition to the revamped gameplay engine, new controls have been implemented to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience for any skill level, while still allowing for highly skilled players to showcase unique moves.

The redesigned gameplay engine is responsive and configured to give you limitless combos, counters, and finishing moves right at your fingertips, according to the 2k website.

Universe mode and Creation Suite

The Universe mode and Creation Suite will also be returning with all sorts of wild customisation options.

wwe 2k22 new features upgrades innovations

The game comes after a year-long hiatus, following the cancellation of its previous instalment, 2K21, owing to recycled gameplay, poor graphics, and an overbearing amount of bugs.

2K Games also announced the latest season for their card battle mobile game, ‘WWE SuperCard’, which is available to download on Android and iOS devices.


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