Thursday, June 30, 2022

No takers for dishwashing job until restaurant offers S$3,500 salary


A Japanese restaurant in Singapore resorted to offering S$3,500 salary for hiring a person to do dishwashing.

The Food & Beverage industry is doing well in the country. However, the people from Singapore are not willing to apply for the position. The people from outside the country work as dishwashers in eateries and hotels. 

There are two reasons for it. The first is that Malaysian nationals returned to their country because of the coronavirus pandemic. Second, the government’s policy is too tight on the foreign worker policies.

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The restaurant’s owner claimed they did not have applicants for quite a while. He added that they had to offer a salary of S$3,500 (Rs 509,530).

Andrew Tjioe, the Chief Executive Officer and President of TungLok Group, said they had outsourced its cleaning work to an external vendor a decade ago. They charge around S$3,800 (Rs 553,204) to S$4,000 (Rs 582,320) for a dishwasher to work for eight hours a day. 

He added the vendor provides them with labour who does not bother them about whether he will show up to work or not.

Another owner said their vendor recently increased their fees by 27 per cent to try hiring dishwashers by herself. 

She offers a basic salary of S$2,600 (Rs 378,508) and a starting bonus of Rs S$2,600 (Rs 291,160). She introduced a monthly performance bonus of up to Rs S$1,000 (Rs 145,580) to retain her employees.


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