Sunday, June 26, 2022

Pakistan have best cyber laws, lacks enforcement expertise: CJ LHC


LAHORE: Pakistan have best cyber laws but our law enforcement agencies lacking expertise on these laws, Chief Justice Lahore High Court Mamoon Rashid Sheikh said on Saturday.

Addressing a seminar on cyber laws at judicial academy here, Justice Mamoon Rashid said Punjab Judicial Academy is a best institution, which is playing its best role for providing justice in Pakistan.

“Enforcement of cyber laws in this digital world is essential,” chief justice high court said.

Pakistan have the best cyber laws but our several law enforcement agencies lacking expertise over these laws, Justice Mamoon Rashid said.

“The information technology and digital business have changed our lives, we have now left physical business and physical banking and entered in logical banking,” the chief justice said.

“It is misfortune of our society, we own negative aspects of a thing more than the positive dimensions,” Justice Mamoon Rashid said.

Effective enforcement of cyber laws is the key requirement of the time to tackle the crimes committed under the negative aspects of the information technology and the digital world, Justice Mamoon Rashid added.


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