Monday, October 3, 2022

Pakistan’s total population stands at about 207m according to census ’17


ISLAMABAD: The federal planning ministry has Monday released the numbers of census 2017 results noting the total population of the country stands at 207.7 million, ARY News reported.

The total head count of Pakistan’s largest province Punjab is 52.9 per cent of the entire population, followed by Sindh, according to the planning ministry.

Sindh stands second with 23pc, said the notification by the ministry after Council of Common Interest approved of the Census 2017 results with a condition to revise the exercise by early 2023.

The notification finalized the census results and said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa comprises the 14.6pc of the national population, while Balochistan is 5.9pc.

Total populace of FATA remains 2.4 of the entire count, and that of Islamabad Capital Territory stands at 0.96.

106 million of all the people counted in the census were males while 101.3 million were females, as per the 2017 count.

The growth rate of the population on the other hand recorded to by 2.4% compared to the 1998 count.

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Earlier today, Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar held today a press conference following the CCI meeting wherein he said the census results of 2017 have been approved by the council on a condition that another census will not have to wait another decade especially given the controversy the last one entailed.


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