Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Pakistani fishermen released from Indian jail, reach Karachi


KARACHI: Three Pakistani prisoners including two fishermen after being released from Indian jail have reached Karachi, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The fishermen — Allah Bakhsh, Mubarak, and Younus – who reached Lahore on July 30 via the Wagah border crossing, had been put into quarantine for two weeks as per Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“They remained in quarantine for 15 days and then sent to Karachi,” fishermen’s organization Pakistan Fisher-Folk Forum said.

The fishermen were languishing in Indian jails for more than four years since 2017 for straying across the international waters.

Two of the fishermen hail from Karachi, whereas the third, Mohammad Younus, an exporter by profession, belonged to Thatta.

“There were poor hygienic conditions in the jail,” fishermen said. “The Pakistani prisoners in jail were not being allowed to offer prayers.” “They were providing food in jail but scarce to satisfy hunger of a person,” the fishermen further said.

“Jail superintendent used to misbehave Pakistani prisoners,” Younus said. “During my visit of Sri Lanka, I went to sea with friends, where Indian forces arrested me,” he said. “The jail superintendent was like a ‘brother of Modi’ and used to act as a brute while tormenting Pakistani prisoners,” explaining miserable conditions in Indian jail Younus said.


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