Sunday, June 26, 2022

‘Pakistani skilled workers to get jobs in Japan’


ISLAMABAD: Pakistanis now have a golden opportunity to get a job in Japan, as the country is facing a severe labour shortage.

To cope with the issue, the Japanese government has amended the ‘Immigration Control Act’ and took comprehensive measures for the acceptance of foreign workers, with specific expertise and skills, residing in Japan.

The Japan government has introduced a new ‘Status of Residence’ for specific skilled workers, which is effective from April 1.

Within the next five years, Japan expects to hire services of 340,000 skilled workers.

“Stakeholders show interest in opportunities for Pakistani people to work in Japan and I have talked to find ways for these opportunities with the ministry of foreign affairs and economic affairs division besides stakeholders like ministry of education and National Vocational and Technical Education Commission,” said Yuji Tokita, head of the Economic and Development Section at the Embassy of Japan in Islamabad.

Pakistan and Japan in February signed a memorandum of cooperation in Tokyo on technical intern training programme. Th arrangement between the two governments would open up Japanese market for Pakistani workers.



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