Friday, February 3, 2023

WATCH: Parrot lands on soccer player’s head during practice session


BRASILIA: In a rare moment, a parrot flew onto the ground and landed on a player’s head during a practice match of Brazil’s national soccer team.

According to the details, the training session for Brazil’s national soccer team was interrupted when the bird landed on a player’s head.

Bruna Benites, a soccer player, posted a video to her Instagram showing Saturday’s practice being interrupted by the avian, which landed on Benites’ head before flying around the field and landing again on a goal net.

She said, “I will take advantage of what happened today as, someone from Mato Grosso, I can’t hide my feeling of profound sadness for everything that is happening in the Pantanal wetland.”

“Thousands of animals are losing their lives due to the fires and if this continues, (rare) moments like what you are seeing in this video will become impossible to see. Let’s be aware. Let’s take care of our biggest heritage which is nature.”

Benites said in a follow-up post that the parrot lives with a family in Rio de Janeiro and the bird is allowed to fly free because it is domesticated and always returns home, United Press International reported.

She said the bird frequently visits the soccer field, but was able to “see things from a different angle” at Saturday’s practice.


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