Saturday, September 18, 2021

Crew members zip-tie passenger who tried to breach cockpit, hijack the plane


The crew members have tackled and zip-tied a passenger on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Nashville who allegedly tried to breach the cockpit and hijack the plane.

The incident was reported in Delta Flight 386 on Friday where a man allegedly tried to breach the cockpit and ‘hijack the plane’.

FOX Television Stations reported that the man was zip-tied by the crew members before anyone was harmed.

Some videos have surfaced that showed crew members in Delta uniform were wrestling with someone who is out of view of the camera behind a row of seats. Another angle showed the crew member managed to zip-tie the suspect’s hands behind his back.

The video’s caption read, “FLIGHT ATTENDENTS, I RESPACT Y’ALL.”

Two-minute footage of the suspect was shared by a woman named Jessica Robertson. She wrote, “This was our view from the 3rd row right after the Delta attendants and passengers apprehended the person who attempted to get into the cockpit. He was screaming ‘Stop the plane.'”

She added, “I was on this flight in the 3rd row – witness to everything. Terrifying but our Delta flight attendant Christopher Williams acted quickly. So did several passengers around me. Safe but still in Albuquerque. Hope Delta gives Chris every bit of recognition and bonus he deserves.”

A photo showed a Delta employee seated with his hands together and his head lowered. It was shared on Twitter with a caption. “This man needs an award.. just saved the plane. LA flight to Nashville.”

The flight was diverted to Albuquerque where airport police took the man into custody. He was later handed over to the FBI, authorities said. However, FBI said there was no active threat to the public.

According to the report, the flight was expected to take off once again around 8:15 pm and complete the journey to Nashville by midnight Central Time.

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