Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Peshawar zoo welcomes new guests


PESHAWAR: The administration of Peshawar zoo on Wednesday welcomed two Zebra cubs, a mammal which is in danger of extinction in the world.

As per details, six new guests have arrived at the Peshawar zoo as different caged animals gave birth. Peshawar zoo management says that the condition of the young Zebra cubs is better and they are being taken care of in every possible way.

Veterinary doctor deputed at Peshawar zoo, Dr. Abdul Qadir said that six new little guests have arrived at the zoo, including the zebra’s twin cubs.

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He said the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), which works to protect animals and nature around the world, had added Zebras to its Red List of Endangered Species.Peshawar Zoo Zebra

According to the IUCN, the number of Zebras is declining worldwide, and if they were not saved, their species might be wiped out.

camel cubs

Dr. Abdul Qadir said that despite the decline in the number of Zebras around the world, the breeding of Zebras at the Peshawar zoo is much better, and now the Zebra has given birth to two cubs, after which the number of Zebras at the zoo now stands at 8. deer

In addition, the Peshawar zoo has also welcome one calf of two-humped camels and one calf for Arabian oaks and spotted deer.

Dr. Abdul Qadir said that the young visitors to the zoo are being well taken care of and the number of animals is increasing due to the successful breeding in the Peshawar zoo.


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