Saturday, January 22, 2022

Matric, inter students top Twitter trends with cries to PM ahead of exams


KARACHI: As students from matric and intermediate standards across Pakistan ready themselves for final exams anticipated after July 10, the top Twitter trend Saturday tells us just how prepared they are as they cry to the Prime Minister to hear them out using #ImranKhanStudentsKiSunlo, ARY News reported.

Students looking at board exams right ahead of Eid Al-Adha go on to tell the government they are not ready and each tweet, amongst the 1.37 million count so far, has a story to tell.

The trend has encouraged over 1.37 million tweeps so far to lay down their reasons why they have not prepared for the exams that are to be scheduled shortly from now.

Students want their PM to know they are not ready for exams and instead of investing time into their syllabus, they are invested in prayers that might ‘avert’ the dilemma.

Some just bask in the trend to laugh off their stress betraying their hopes of this trend actually bearing some fruit afterall.

Many political and social activists have also jumped into the hot debate however, there has been no response from the federal education minister yet. Shafqat Mehmood, it may be recalled, announced the exams will be conducted as per schedule which is after July 10.

His ministry announced exams of only select subjects and not all of them in order to give concession of students due to the Covid led situation.


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