Monday, October 3, 2022

PM announces to set up university in Chitral, complete Lowari tunnel


Addressing a public meeting in Chitral the prime minister said that he was here to see the Lowari tunnel. He said this project had been underway for about 55 years. He said the tunnel will be completed by June next year.

Lowari Tunnel will link Chitral with the rest of the country in all weather conditions.  It should be noted that the mainland’s link with Chitral disconnects during winter due to heavy snowfall, which closes the tunnel.

“When I visited Chitral last time, I was the prime minister and today I am still the premier. I will again be the PM in 2018 to visit the area and inaugurate the completed projects,” he said.

The prime minister also announced a university in the area. “Lots of universities will be built here,” Nawaz said. “We are spending Rs 17 billion on roads in Chitral; they will not be less than motorways. You can call them motorways if you like,” he said.


Criticizing Pakistan Teheek-e-Insaf (PTI) in his address, he added that the citizens of Karachi have also showed their intent by not attending the party’s rally in the city.

PM Sharif added that some politicians brag about their politics on television. He said that the masses have taken notice of their statements and are responding to them accordingly. “May Almighty Allah guide them,” PM Nawaz said.


He said that a hospital of 250 beds will also be constructed in Chitral and a power transmission line will be installed in the region. “Many of these projects will be completed by 2018,” he promised.

The prime minister also announced and inaugurated several development projects, including a broadband sustainable development project for Chitral and Shangla, and the expansion and repair of the 25-kilometre-long Bon Bozand Torkho highway.



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