Monday, June 27, 2022

PML-N workers clash with police outside NAB office ahead of Maryam’s hearing


LAHORE: Chaos was witnessed outside NAB office on Tuesday afternoon after PML-N workers clashed with police personnel ahead of party leader Maryam Nawaz’s appearance before the bureau.

The PML-N leader had to turn back home after the corruption watchdog cancelled her scheduled hearing owing to the tense situation outside its office.

The police personnel deployed outside NAB office fired teargas shells to disperse the party workers and activists when they tried to force their way through the barricades placed there for security purposes.

They pelted the policemen and the office with stones turning the area into a virtual battlefield. More than 15 policemen and NAB officials sustained injuries as a result of stone-pelting.

Keeping in view the law and order situation, the corruption watchdog cancelled Maryam Nawaz’s hearing. However, the PML-N leader initially refused to turn back and insisted on appearing before the bureau today but later she relented and returned home.

Around 50 PML-N activists were taken under arrest over their involvement in the clash.

Ahead of her appearance, the party leadership had instructed the workers to turn up outside NAB office and the Raiwind residence of the PML-N leader and set up camps along the route to express solidarity with her.

NAB had asked Maryam to show up before its combined investigation team today along with details of 200 hundred acres of land she allegedly acquired in Raiwind in 2013 in violation of rules.

She was required to furnish complete details regarding the sale and purchase of land as well as funds arranged for acquiring the land. The bureau asked her to submit details of duty and tax payment for the purchase of the land in question and whether the land had been brought in agriculture or commercial use.


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