Thursday, September 29, 2022

PMLN workers stage demonstration against Sheikh Rasheed


According to details, PMLN Youth Wing’s workers had earlier organized a ‘Go Imran Go’ rally here on Thursday outside the Multan Press Club and chanted loud slogans against the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI).

Meanwhile, a large number of PTI workers and supporters also reached at the Multan Press Club as ARY News aired the news of ‘Go Imran Go’ rally. PTI workers reached the press club and they too started voicing ‘Go Nawaz Go’ in response of PMLN workers’ ‘Go Imran Go’.

At this, the police came in and managed to move away PMLN workers from the spot in order to avoid any clash between the rival political groups.

Following this, PMLN workers took to a private hotel where Sheikh Rasheed is staying. The charged-up workers of the ruling party chanted slogans condemning the AML chief, while some of the workers also damaged the hotel’s property and broke the wind-shields of cars parked there.

Police however, played the role of a silent spectator during all this and did not stop PMLN workers from causing unrest and damaging private property.

The AML chief, Sheikh Rasheed had to address a press conference at 5 pm at Multan Press Club, which was also postponed in the wake of violent protest by PMLN workers.

Talking to ARY News, Rasheed said these are not political workers, they are in fact the goons sent by the Sharif brothers.


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