Sunday, May 22, 2022

PPP issues its charter of demands before Long March to Islamabad


KARACHI: People’s Party has demanded free and fair elections at each tier of the governance in its charter of demands before long march to Islamabad, ARY News reported on Sunday.

“The government should be run in accordance with the constitution,” the PPP said in its 38 points charter of demands. “The institutions should work within their constitutional mandate,” the party demands.

The PPP has also urged for an independent election commission, the rule of law and an independent judiciary. The party also demanded re-setting the role of the parliamentary committee in appointment of the judges of higher judiciary.

“The students should be given the right to form unions with a decisive role in the students welfare affairs,” the opposition party demands.

It has also demanded an end to the practice of formal as well as unannounced censorship in print and the electronic media. It demands a new legislation for the independence of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) as per the recommendations of the Media Commission Report.

The PPP has also demanded removal of all unjust and draconian clauses from the cyber crime law.

The party has demanded constitution of an ‘equality commission’ for a just wages policy for women and the minorities. A compulsory enforcement of the relevant laws in crimes against women, acid attacks and gender harassment incidents.

It also demanded legislation for prevention of forced conversions of the members of religious minorities.

“An effective mechanism should be made for preferential rights to the oil and gas producing provinces under the constitution,” the PPP said.

It also urged for formation of the South Punjab province and taking steps to address backwardness in the neglected areas of the country.

Moreover, it also demanded implementation of the National Action Plan to eliminate violent extremism in the country.

The PPP has demanded guarantee for the protection of the provincial rights under the 18th Amendment and other relevant clauses of the constitution.

It also demanded surety for the rights of the Baloch people and creating national consensus for decision making in this respect and bringing Baloch leaders back to the political mainstream.


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