Monday, October 3, 2022

President Alvi suggests consulting Parliament over talks with TTP


Lahore: President Arif Alvi, talking to journalists in Governor House Lahore on Friday, said that the parliament should be taken into confidence regarding the negotiations with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), ARY News reported. 

Talking to the media representative in the Governor House, the President said that he respects all institutions and does not believe in engaging in conflicts. All stakeholders need to sit at the table to find out solutions to the current crisis, he added.

However, he added that engaging with stakeholders is not in his domain as the President of the country. It is the executive, opposition and relevant institutions’ responsibility to curb polarization, he added.

He added that political parties and other stakeholders need to devise a charter of the economy and talk about free and fair elections. Corruption is the biggest reason for any country’s decline, he added.

Talking about the PTI prohibited funding case, he added that all funding transactions must be done via banking channels.

He added that he signed all summaries forwarded to him in accordance with the constitution. Four summaries that were returned unsigned were also in accordance with the law, he added.

The President added that politicla parties should agree upon the usage of modern technology such as the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) to make the electoral process free and fair. He backed the implementation of EVMs in the PPP and PML-N era too, he added.

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The parliament should be taken into confidence regarding the negotiations with the TTP, he recommended.


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