Monday, September 26, 2022

‘Professor Humayun’s Death in #Dunk is heartbreaking’


There is no denying the fact that ARY Digital’s Dunk is creating waves on social media since its first teaser was released and now as the play has entered its sixth episode, fans are openly expressing how they have connected with the characters in the play, especially Professor Humayun.

Though its still not clear what happened between Haider (played by Bilal Abbas Khan) and Professor Humayun (played by Noman Ijaz)- other than the texts Haider sent to a female teacher- and why Amal (played by Sana Javed) chose to accuse the latter of sexual harassment, people are just heartbroken over what is happening with Humayun’s family.

The way the Humayun’s wife (played by Yasra Rizvi) and daughter are being harassed, with Haider even reaching their doorstep to harass Humayun’s little daughter, and now the professor’s death is melting people’s hearts.

To save his family from media trial and continuous harassment, the professor decides to send them to a friend’s place, writes a suicide note, and then takes his own life. People are commending the way Noman Ijaz has brought on screen what a man goes through when falsely accused of such a heinous crime.

One just needs to log in to Twitter or check comments on YouTube to see how people are reacting to his character’s death in the play.

“Professor Humayun’s Death in #DUNK is so heartbreaking. Really ripped my heart out 😭😭😭😭 Always take care of the people around you especially when you know that they are going through a hard time,” wrote a Twitter user.

“The ones that love us never really leave us, you can ALWAYS find them in your HEART!. Baby girl Ghana (Prof. Humayun’s daughter), you’re not alone and you never will be. He’s right there, right beside you. He always has been. He always will be,” wrote another.

A number of social media users also showered praise on Bilal Abbas Khan and Yasra Rizvi for their flawless acting in the play.

‘Dunk’ airs on ARY Digital, every Wednesday, at 8PM.


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