Thursday, October 6, 2022

PTI counsel presents arguments before ECP in foreign funding case


ISLAMABAD: PTI’s lawyer Anwar Mansoor on Wednesday presented arguments before a panel of the election commission in foreign funding case, ARY News reported.

A three-member bench of the Election Commission of Pakistan headed by CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja heard the case.

Anwar Mansoor, a former attorney general, argued before the ECP that a company registered outside Pakistan could not be called a local entity. “Funding from multi-national and local companies has been prohibited,” Anwar Mansoor said. “In the election law funding from foreign sources has been prohibited,” he said.

“The Election Act has removed ban on funding from the local companies,” the counsel further argued.

“Are you confessing of foreign funding to the party,” Sindh member of the ECP Nisar Durrani questioned.

“No funds received from prohibited sources,” PTI counsel replied. “The money came from abroad but allegation of funding from prohibited sources is wrong,” the counsel said. “The petitioner should prove the allegation with evidence if the donors are foreigners,” the counsel said.

“The party didn’t accept funding from any Indian national,” PTI lawyer said. “Will you deem him a foreigner if a Hindu citizen got dual nationality,” the lawyer posed question.

“Funds coming to the party from the United States were declared foreign funding,” Mansoor said. “Fund raising required necessary registration in the US, all funds coming from the overseas were declared,” he said.

“Those having dual nationality are also Pakistani citizens, the scrutiny committee has misinterpreted section 6 of the PPO law,” Mansoor argued.

“The funding from foreign sources has not been prohibited under the PPO,” the lawyer claimed. “The law is non existent under which the scrutiny committee has prepred its report,” Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lawyer argued.

The election commission adjourned further hearing of the matter till April 19.


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