Friday, September 30, 2022

‘Pyar Deewangi Hai’: Neelam Muneer’s pictures go viral


Actor Neelam Muneer posted her new pictures on the social media application Instagram and they are going viral.

Neelam Muneer wore a kurta shalwar of different colours. She also donned a dark green-coloured dupatta.

There are beautiful pair of earrings and necklace on her also.

She has at least 5.9 million Instagram followers. It makes her one of the most popular celebrities.

She uploads pictures and videos of her projects as well.

Recently, Dil Mom Ka Diya looked stunning in a black outfit in her pictures. Her pictures were taken in ARY News show Har Lamha Purjosh in February.

The actor has proved herself as one of the most versatile and celebrated actors in the entertainment industry thanks to her performance in stellar serials and films.

Neelam Muneer received positive reviews for her work in projects namely Abhi Abhi, Diya Jalay, Saraab, Maang, Rang Laaga, Anabiya, Dil Mom Ka Diya and Bikhray Moti.

Her hit telefilms include Maqbool Qabool Hai, Tu Hai Meri Neelam, Van Waley Mehboob Bhai and Shabbar Ka Tabbar.

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Apart from sharing pictures with her fans, she also shares words of wisdom in her social media posts as well.

The actor said that a person glows differently when they are actually happy.

Moreover, she urged the people to not hate those who lie, cheat and betray as they will be accountable for their deeds.

“Don’t hate those who lied to you, cheated and betrayed you,” she wrote. “It will teach you to reply on Allah and expect less from creation. They will be answerable for their deeds and you will be accountable for your deeds.

“Forgive them and leave everything to Allah. He is Just.”


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