Thursday, August 11, 2022

Qadri announces people’s parliament as ultimatum ends


He announced the first session of the parliament 5 PM Tuesday evening adding that from now onwards the decision of people’s parliament will be accepted and acted upon.

Qadri invited people living around Islamabad to come to the capital to behold the sight of rise of imminent sun of revolution.

He maintained that PAT and PTI want change and the country will see the sun of revolution rising today and the people shall not sit at home as nations cannot get change sitting at home.

Qadri after congratulating the participants announced that from this evening, the Inqilab March will not remain limited to Islamabad as the whole Pakistan will see a new wave of sit-ins and protests and sit-ins and the marchers deserve accolades to kick start the much needed revolution.

PAT chief claimed that 25000 of his workers are still under the custody of police and the government’s brutal torture upon them shows that the rulers have lost their senses fearing the revolution.

In an earlier speech too, Qadri said that Balochistan is burning like hell and the country’s biggest metropolis is seeing the worst form of continued bloodshed and violence. After giving these examples, PAT chief asked government to tell him where is constitution and democracy? In such condition, if people do not come out on streets for revolution, what else they should do.

Qadri claimed that his party workers’ houses are being raided to prevent them from working for revolution, warning that of the public get infuriated, federal government would be responsible.

Calling on Nawaz Sharif, he warned PM that the peoples revolution will throw his government offshore.


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