My parents were terrified to have Sahiba as daughter-in-law: Rambo

sabiba afzal, jan rambo

Actor-comedian Afzal Khan aka Jan Rambo revealed his parents’ concerns about having Lollywood star Sahiba as their daughter-in-law.

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During a recent morning show outing on a private channel, actor-director Afzal Khan, better known by his character name Jan Rambo, spoke about how his wife Sahiba, a Lollywood star herself, transitioned herself into an ideal daughter-in-law for her husband’s family, contrary to their initial apprehensions.

“Given our humble background, my parents were very simple people. So they were terrified [of having a heroine as a daughter-in-law],” said Rambo.


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“But the way Sahiba seamlessly moulded herself to become one of them, my family now uses her as an example for others and tells me, ‘Even we couldn’t have found a girl like her in the village,'” he shared.

The celebrity further put across his point with an anecdote from his first film shoot when he was intimidated by her entourage on the set, while he used to travel with the producer of the movie in his car.

“Speaking of tantrums, I remember I came from Pindi for my first film shoot and was provided pick & drop and hotel stay by the producer, whereas, Madam [Sahiba] used to arrive with a team of four, including her manager, driver and a gunman. Even I was intimidated by her lifestyle, that a helper is helping her to wear shoes,” he recalled. “But she transformed herself so much.”


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Speaking about this change, Sahiba explained, “It was a love marriage, and when there is love between two people, these minor compromises don’t really matter.”

Pertinent to note here that Sahiba and Jan Rambo have been married since 1997, and the couple share two sons together, named Ahsan and Zain.

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