Monday, January 17, 2022

Rare Superman comic book sold at auction for millions


A rare copy of the Superman #1 comic book was sold at an auction for a staggering price of $2.6 million, a foreign news agency reported.

The news report mentioned that 30 people had for the comic book, which hit the newsstands back in 1939, that was purchased for 10 cents at that time.

The comic book – created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel – told the origins of the Man of Steel and introduced the main characters namely Superman’s alter-ego Clarke Kent, his love interest Lois Lane and their adoptive parents Pa and Ma Kent. It mentions Superman’s birth planet Krypton as well.

The auction took place on December 16 and the winner chose to keep his identity secret.

The cover page of the 64-page comic book saw the DC Comics’ character leaping over tall buildings.

It has been bought by only two people. It was originally purchased by Mark Michaelson in 1939 and kept in a temperature-controlled safe. He then put in on auction and was sold for $2.6 million.

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An online website ComicConnect stated that it should be on the list of every Superman fan.

The comic book was described as a never-before-seen example of Superman #1 and it is a must-read for the character’ zealots.

ComicConnect added: “The big red ‘S’ on his chest is one of the most-easily-recognized symbols in the world.”


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