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Ryan Reynolds drops ‘Discontinued’ official trailer


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The official trailer for “Discontinued” has been released, providing a nostalgic look back on obsolete brands such as Blackberry and Blockbuster.

This collaboration between Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame and executive producer Ryan Reynolds, promises an exploration of past products and trends that once dominated in Us.

The series is a bit like Mystery Science Theater 3000, but set in 2037 with Campbell stuck “inside a cave with the last bits of humanity’s cool past.”

Discontinued explores the past eras, products and phenomena that have been taken off the shelves, and in a darkly humorous sort of way, each selection that’s explored on the show becomes a stark reminder, ironically, of why they were so beloved in the first place.

Millennials will likely watch each upbeat episode of Campbell’s new show with either a smile or smirk across their face. It might just be a happy accident that Discontinued debuts on a Thursday, aka “Throwback Thursday,” with many of the vintage products featured on the show likely to illicit a reaction in the vein of, “Aw man, I remember those!” Says Campbell:

“Discontinued” is scheduled to premiere on the Maximum Effort Channel on Nov. 30.

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