Friday, January 27, 2023

Sana Javed, Bilal Abbas Khan’s chemistry in ‘Dunk’ has fans in awe


Drama serial Dunk is the latest ARY Digital serial to make waves on television, the success of which can rightfully be attributed to Sana Javed and Bilal Abbas Khan’s portrayals of their respective characters.

The drama serial, which airs every Wednesday at 8 pm on ARY Digital, left fans in awe again last night after episode 13 aired, with many of them taking to Twitter to laud Sana and Bilal’s chemistry and their acting prowess.

“If it weren’t for Bilal & Sana, I’d probably would’ve never watched Dunk!” tweeted a fan. “It’s the PERFECTION of strong expression and intense dialogue delivery of KING & QUEEN that drives you to it!”

One viewer wrote, “Top performances by both Bilal and Sana #Dunk,” with yet another chiming in, “You guys really brought ur character to life in, hats off to Sana and Bilal’s performance.”

Another fan gushed about Sana and Bilal’s chemistry, writing, “Bilal Abbas Khan and Sana Javed stole the show as Haider & Amal! I can’t emphasize enough how gorgeous they look together on screen! It’s truly a delight to watch these two immensely talented actors sharing the same frame.”

A round of applause for Bilal Abbas and Sana Javed who are showing us that they don’t need dialogues or extreme action sequences to create impact with their characters,” read another fan tweet.


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Dunk tells the story of how a university student falsely accuses a professor of sexual harassment and the turmoil that follows. Watch the latest episode here:


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